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Impedance Spectroscopy can give both qualitative and quantitative information. Check here for EIS resources.

Wondering about reference electrodes? We were too! Here's what we found! 

Simulating Cyclic Voltammetry

Luggin Probes: Their construction, problems, and solutions.

Some resources and hints on potentiostats. Stability, Scanning fast, application info. 

Quartz Crystal Microbalance in Electrochemistry

Purifying mercury. Also, mercury toxicity and handling tips. 

Looking for a textbook on electrochemistry?  Check Our Bookstore!

Conference and Short Course Calendars. Of interest to electrochemists.





General Resources - Elsewhere on the 'Net:

Zoltan Nagy's ESTIR is probably the net's largest collection of useful Electrochemistry links. Check there for links to Societies, Journals, Grad Schools, and much more!

The dmoz Open Directory Project's Electrochemistry category is growing. It's becoming more important since Netscape took over!  Nominate your favorite links!

Newsgroups: I follow sci.chem.electrochem, sci.chem.electrochem.battery, and sci.chem.analytical and find the occasional tidbit. (The above links point to groups.Google.com but you may find it easier to read them on your network's local newsgroup server.)

BAS published an article "Electrochemistry for the Non-Electrochemist" in Current Separations.


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